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Triathlon Taren Podcast

Nov 22, 2020

Where do you put a chest HR strap? How does the menstrual cycle impact training? What's the best bike saddle for a female?  Professional triathlete Sarah True and former-pro Sara Gross answer those questions and more.

Nov 15, 2020

Ryan Hall holds numerous records as an Olympic marathon runner for the USA.  But after getting to his lowest weight of 127lbs at 5'10", he became so injured that he had to give up running. He found himself in the weight room, and now he's 192lbs and healthier than ever. We talk with him about weight training for all...

Nov 8, 2020

Dani Lewis (formerly Danielle Dingman, she got married and changed her name!) is a pro triathlete who is one of the few people having a decent 2020. She's had a couple great finishes in the races she's been able to compete in (including a win!), and she was awarded a wildcard spot to Challenge Daytona this December. We...

Nov 1, 2020

On the podcast this week, we talk to the man who dreamed up Zwift and made it a reality, Zwift CEO Eric Min.  We find out how the idea came to be, when he knew it would be a success, and what the future plans are for online cycling. Also find out which Grey's Anatomy star regularly uses Zwift!

Oct 25, 2020

What if we told you that simply breathing through your nose could lower your heart rate and improve your performance dramatically?  That's what author James Nestor discovered as he researched his book, "Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art".  He explains how the simple act of learning to breath with our mouths shut...