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Taren's MōTTIV Method Podcast

Oct 31, 2021

On this week's podcast, we chat with Run Free run coach Cody Moore, (who also created the run-specific training plans for the MōTTIV training app) about the most critical keys to a successful run training plan.  

Oct 24, 2021

Dr. Patrick Davitt knows his stuff when it comes to fuel and diet for endurance athletes.  Davitt is a Health Scientist and Exercise Physiologist with his doctorate in Nutritional Physiology and Biochemistry, and has spent time studying low carbohydrate/ketogenic dieting in ultra-endurance athletes. He is also a...

Oct 18, 2021

Every year, the Zwift Tri Academy provides training and support to some of the most promising, talented amateur triathletes in the world.  On the podcast this week, we hear from five of this year's athletes as they give us insight into how they've become so successful -- and what all amateur triathletes can take away...

Oct 12, 2021

Taren is back from hiatus, and the podcast has a new name!  Taren's MōTTIV Method Podcast. On today's episode, Taren outlines his endurance sports (including triathlon) philosophy, sites studies that back up the new direction, and explains what makes up the four main tenets of the MōTTIV Method.