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Taren's MōTTIV Method Podcast

Mar 31, 2023

It's an update on MOTTIV this week on the podcast -- our new slogan, what's new with the app, and the direction we're taking the business.  Great chat with NTK and Taren!

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Mar 24, 2023

Finding ways to increase your performance is something many endurance athletes are always doing. But you don't have to veer into doing things that are against the rules to get faster.  On this week's podcast, Taren and NTK (No Triathlon Kim) discuss 8 "Legal Performance Enhancers" that Taren discovered during his years...

Mar 17, 2023

Regrets, I've had a few... on the podcast today, Taren and NTK (No Triathlon Kim) discuss Taren's six biggest endurance training regrets, things he wish he'd known sooner so he could have corrected and saved himself pain, injury, and slow race times at certain points in his amateur endurance racing career.

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Mar 10, 2023

The time has come, and there is finally an option for truly affordable, great training for amateur endurance athletes: we've slashed the price of the MOTTIV training app by 65%, because we firmly believe in the life changing benefits of exercise and chasing endurance goals -- and we want EVERYONE to be able to afford...

Mar 3, 2023

Professional triathletes train very differently (and require very different things to be successful) than amateur triathletes, but there ARE some basics that amateurs can take away from what pros do.  On the podcast, Taren talks to Jack Kelly a former professional triathlete who hosts the How They Train podcast,...